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Our scrap metal trading operations are fully global, with a strong market presence in 15+ Countries.
The international scale of operations helps us serve our clients faster and with strict adherence to international
regulatory compliance and quality standards.

  • North america
  • Middle east
  • Far East
  • Newzealand
  • Australia


& Segments

AS Metals is partnered with many industries that generate and consume
metals in their manufacturing process. We enable sustainability
initiatives by trading in high-quality and recycled resources across the globe.

Steel Producers

Metal scraps and condemned metal from new construction ,renovation,
and demolition.

Engineering & Fabrication

Metal waste generated from fabrication and manufacturing
processes including cutting and shaping.


Metal scrap from end-of-life products, excess raw materials,
returned and recycling waste from OEM.


Ferrous and Ni-Cr scrap from
manufacturing offcuts and end-of-life vehicles.


Steel scrap from HVAC ducting and other metal scraps from pipes and coils in HVAC units.

Oil and Gas

Scrap and condemned metal from construction, maintenance,
and decommissioning of oil rigs.


Our strategic partnerships and affiliate programs are designed to accelerate the scrap metal lifecycle and equally benefit all stakeholders. It eases the process of trading across geographical borders and we deliver on time, always.