ASMetalUAE is involved in trading large volumes of ferrous scraps with users across South East Asia and Far East.

Our material is sourced on a regular basis from reliable suppliers across the globe and transported to the consumer's destination.

As the most widely traded scrap quality, the ferrous market is highly competitive and ASMetalUAE is able to supply the right quality to the right customer.

Some of qualities that we trade in:

  • Coated and Un Coated CRCA Bushlings
  • Cast Iron
  • Manganese Steel
  • HMS 1/2
  • Shredded 211
  • Plate and Structure scrap
  • UAE Fabrication
  • Mild Steel Turnings
  • Re Rollable Scrap
  • Heavy Steel Mill Rolls
  • Wire rods
  • Steel Wires
  • Rail Axles and wheels

If you are interested in purchasing ferrous scrap, please contact us by email: